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Advanced optical design and production

Over the last 30+ years, Orion Optics UK have designed and built several world class telescopes and optical components.

Regularly we are asked by Universities, Government bodies, Research establishments, the Military etc. to design optical systems to meet their requirements.

Many of the features we have designed and developed have been implemented into our own telescope ranges. Similarly, some aspects of our own telescope designs have been used in solutions for client equipment requirements.


Design.Orion Optics
is a specialist division of Orion Optics UK, the successful astronomical telescope and optical component manufacturer.


We are also often asked by prospective customers, and existing ones, to design a specific telescope or optical system to satisfy exactly their needs rather than select an ‘off the shelf’ model. This is more prevalent with commercial companies, but we have a significant number of general telescope users who ask us to offer them a design to meet their exact requirements. This could be anything from a single lens element up to a complete telescope system for imaging sections of the Earth from a low Earth orbiting satellite (which we have done recently for international companies).
Of course all the designs we produce for clients remain totally dedicated to that client and no other company or individual has the use of that design or product without the express permission of the client.


What we offer . . .

With all the experience of designing and manufacturing several successful products over the decades we have decided to offer, in a more open way, our services in design, research and production. As such, the following pages are dedicated to giving as much information to interested parties as to what our capabilities are, what we can offer in the way of suggestions to solve clients' problems, software we use to design and optimise the optical aspects of a product and some examples of non-copyrighted designs.


LockiconAll enquiries are treated in strict confidence. We deal with many sensitive projects on a regular basis. If you would like to arrange a personal meeting - just get in touch.

The right tools for the job


High Tec equipment and software

We use leading design software, optical testing equipment and modern CNC & CAD systems.



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