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Optical Testing and Measurement



Zygo air testing platform


To ensure we are producing consistently designs to a given standard and have the reliability of knowing we are making exactly what has been designed, we undertake an extensive testing regime on every optical surfaces at many points in its production cycle. Measurements of milled diamond surfaces are made to +/- 0.1mm. fine ground surfaces to within 0.003mm, polished surfaces to within 0.0002mm and the finest optically hand figured surfaces of better than 0.00001mm (10nm). With precise digital electronic gauges we measure all our ground surfaces and the radii of all optical surfaces. For precise measurement of polished and figured surfaces, we use the ultra reliable and accurate, Zygo laser interferometer, for both mirrors and lenses, in vertical and horizontal orientations.



Typical Zygo report on an Ultra high accuracy Newtonian mirror


An ODK20 primary pocketed mirror set up for optical test


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