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Reflector Design

By far the majority of telescopes we are commissioned to design and build are reflectors, typically Cassegrain type and Newtonian configurations.

Cassegrain types are the most widely used because of their relative compactness, stability and, flexibility in allowing various ranges of formats and physical outer envelope size. We have designed and built many customised Cassegrain type telescopes for research purposes many of which, unfortunately, we are unable to elaborate on due to the sensitive nature of both clients and the purpose to which the telescope is put.

Screenshot shows Reflector in final stages of design


The range of uses is exceptional, from 70mm Mangin based systems for bird watching, up to 600mm Infra Red designs to detect and identify the exhaust characteristics of the engines of military fighter jets. Very specialised telescopes launched into low Earth orbit for studying features on the ground, crops, oil fields etc., and even telescopes lifted to several thousand feet for mobile phone telecommunications. Military involvement has been significant from detecting specific gas types in clouds to other, very critical uses of classified involvement. A massive variety of uses and designs, all customised to meet exactly the client’s needs.

Our successful AG12 Astrograph


Light path of Infra Red detection telescope for jet engines


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