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UV and IR Projects


We have designed and developed several optical systems for industrial use predominantly for military use and, for Lidar development. Here often, several wavelengths are incorporated in the equipment for various purposes and the optical configuration has to be very specific and designed in such a way as to be optimised as much as possible to those wavelengths. Coatings for lenses and mirrors at these opposite ends of the spectrum are very complex and have to undergo extensive tests both for abrasion and reflectance to avoid internal reflections. Lens materials play a major role, germanium, Zinc Selenide, Fused quartz etc are just a few of the materials used in these areas and, coupled with the correct optimised coatings, offer the best performance available.


3D Design: Aircraft IR Detection. Total Length 520.95076 mm. Spec.010.ZMX. Copyright design.orionoptics.co.uk


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